New Postdoc joining the lab

Dr. Fernando Diaz Gonzalez has agreed to join the lab and will soon arrive to Tucson from Colombia.  Fernando completed his PhD at the Universidad Del Valle, Cali, Colombia with Dr. Cardenas-Henao and Dr. Toro-Perea working on the population differentiation in the whitefly Bemisia tabaci.  In our lab Fernando will work on the genomics of adaptation and in understanding the mechanism associated with the evolution of reproductive incompatibilities.


PERT postdoc opportunity!!!

The PERT (Postdoctoral Excellence in Research and Teaching) program  is accepting application for 2-3 positions to fill by Spring 2018. Review of applications begins Monday April 10, with interviews expected in May.  Job Number is:  P20335 and applicants can apply here:
PERT program is outstanding, providing independence in research and the opportunity to teach.  I highly recommend it (I was once a PERT postdoc myself!!!!).  If you are interested to be a PERT postdoc in my lab please contact me as soon as possible.